Goblin is an asynchronous Python toolkit built on top of TinkerPop 3.

Goblin aims to provide a powerful Object Graph Mapper (OGM) while maintaining a simple, transparent interface. In order to leverage Python's support for asynchronous programming paradigms, Goblin is implemented using the async/await syntax introduced in Python 3.5, and does not support earlier Python versions. Goblin is built on top of aiogremlin and provides full compatibility with the aiogremlin GLV and driver.


  • High level asynchronous Object Graph Mapper (OGM)
  • Integration with the official gremlin-python Gremlin Language Variant (GLV) - now provided by aiogremlin
  • Native Python support for asynchronous programing including coroutines, iterators, and context managers as specified in PEP 492
  • Asynchronous Python driver for the Gremlin Server - now provided by aiogremlin
  • Async Graph implementation that produces native Python GLV traversals - now provided by aiogremlin

Where it is

All code is hosted on our QOTO GitLab specifically the Goblin repository.

Current Status

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